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Rorschach's Grappling Gun prop- FIRST RUN DONE- sign up for 2nd run!

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After months of engineering and madness, the first run of Grappling Guns is ready to ship! If you'd like to be put on the list for the second run, please let me know. Turn around time is four to eight weeks, $500 a piece. Dual action- blades lock closed until you release the safety and they spring out, then you're good to fire! (And they really do fire.)  I will only be doing a limited amount of runs of these, depending on interest, so let me know if you're on board!

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Working Rorschach Grappling Gun Prop - GET ONE NOW!

So as some of you may know, For Halloween 09, I decided I wanted to be Rorschach, which meant I needed a grappling gun. It would be so disappointing if it didn’t actually fire, so the month of October between other projects, I produced this prop that actually fires a grapple with expanding blades.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these limited edition fanart pieces to complete your “Cosplay” collection, Or just to play with with your friends, please contact me at

These are fanart pieces and will be made in a limited run of 25.

This is really the ultimate Fan-Toy!

Pricing: The first 3 pre-orders get a special discount price of $650 to help get the process started.
After that, $800 each. You can add in a custom-cut foam-lined, aluminum hard-shell Carry Case for an additional $95.00

Additional Shipping Cost will be quoted at time of purchase.

A Note: These replicas are props and toys, but not for kids.
They are also not built for real vigilantism.
Please refrain from firing at anyone. These Prop Guns have limited range, but it’s important to be safe!

If I do not receive enough pre-orders to get started by the first week in April,
I will refund your money. So spread the word!
The sooner pre-orders are filled, the sooner I can get into production!

All Orders will be filled well before the Summer Con Season starts. For more information, please keep an eye on my GGun's Webpage.
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To my secret santa person

IT WILL COME I'm just swamped while traveling over the holidays so there is a chance the pic will be a little late. Hopefully I'll make it well worth the wait. >o> Figured I'd say something public since I've been way unavailable online-wise the past couple weeks.
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Things are super tight here on my end, and so I'm scrambling to try to raise more money via commissions.

Construction of the studio is going strong, we have the workbenches laid out and most of the heavy machinery in place and soon we can get things fully functional again for the first time in six months. I'm very excited to get my own work bench set up! @A@ While I pick away at the last remaining items on my commissions list, I'm now open for more! Money is tight here, especially while we're still rebuilding after the move, and every penny will help with bills and holiday traveling and expenses!

I recently feel that I've started to get a bit better, but until I officially "level up" after the new year, I'm keeping my old prices so order now before New Year's for 2009 pricing! While this batch might not be finished in time for Christmas, A promise for art for a friend makes a great gift! ;)

You can see my current queue on the journal of my Deviant Art account:

This round I will be offering:

CHIBIS: Solo: $15 Duo: $25

Something like this (one figure): $30 a piece. (Textured Background, add $5, more defined background $10-$30 extra depending on complexity. Please inquire for quote.)

Something like this (two figures): $50 a piece.

:new:Two figures, full canvas composition with minimal background/setting: $75

:new:Large group or scene: Please contact for quote.

:new:Character Design Sheet:
(One full body, and 5-10 "Detail shots" of expressions, details, additional forms, to be negotiated.) $150 flat rate.

I will draw anthro, human, monsters, critters, fanart, anything you name it!
I will not draw porn or fetish art ARG I JUST CAN'T DO IT SORRY.

So step right up, folks!

Paypal payments only!
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Grappling Gun progress

Still much to do on it, and I figured out how to make the trigger less tricky. Needs fine tuning, cleanup, and decorating but I'm almost done my prototype. Boy has this been a learning experience!

In the mean time:

Trick or Treating was a blast!

Rorschach says: It's not safe practice to drive with an infant on your lap.

Laundromat frustration and Halloween progress

Fffffff so I'm sitting here at the laundromat. Which says FREE WIFI. But for some reason they have anything messenger-like blocked. So that means I can't access the pchat, the DD chatroom over at Deviantart, or AIM or AIM Express, or anything of consiquence. I even made the mistake of logging out of DA and now I can't sign back in. THANKS LANDROMAT. YOU MAKE THIS HOUR OF SITTING HERE DOING NOTHING SO GREAT. So much for bringing my laptop with. Rabble rabble.

So since I can't do more productive things while my unmentionables are spinning in public view, I'll give a little update on my halloween costume.

No photos for public view yet, but I'm hoping I'll get to the point where I can post something this weekend. For those who just tuned in on this crazyass project I've now put a good fourty hours into (Between R&D and machining etc.) I'm building a working model of Rorschach's grappling gun.


Mostly because when I told my dad I wanted to make one for my costume he replied with "It's so dissapointing if it doesn't really shoot >:| "

Upgraded the springs since the first design, so now it's looking like it may have a good 15 feet launch. Need to finish some bits still before I can test it properly and tell you for sure.  Materials will include: Various plastics, aluminum, wood, brass, steel springs and parts, and my favorite bit about this whole thing so far is that a garbage can lid was used to trace one of the curves. Which? I aint tellin'. Just the fact a garbage can is used as a tool in the construction of a Rorschach anything is pretty hilarious to me.

Like I said, hopefully some photos I can share this weekend. I swear this thing is the coolest.

Halloween's coming together

I made PAYDIRT at Good Will yesterday- $3 pants and $12 jacket. Only thing I'm missing now is the gloves. Probably going with some cheap black leather gloves I can reuse later as winter gloves (Not that I'll need them in the desert here but that's beside the point.) Tossed on the costume today and went to play with our neighbor's dogs. Here is the result:

Photos after the cut!
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BTW I have a sketchblog now! (also cute pic)

Hey since I'm happy putting fanart on this account and stuff, I made a new account just for anything else that might not make it to Deviantart. Concept sketches, doodles, unfinished paintings/ works in progress, etc. So if you guys want to see non watchmen art by me go check out bilioussketch!

Also look at this adorable thing I drew with the fabulous jackiemei - everyone with me: D'awwwww!